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Tube Ice Machine

Focusun is endlessly proud to be the inventor of the first global type tube ice machine. 80 years' rich manufacturing experience perfects our manufacturing technology; but, we keep improving on our success rather than resting on our past glories.

Focusun tube ice is directly formed by freezing clean fresh water. It has tasteless, hygienic and transparent properties and completely conforms to food standards. It can be directly consumed or used in chilling drinks, mixing wines, cooling/keeping produce fresh etc.

Compact Design & Easy Operation Makes Ice Easy to Get

Capacity ranges from 1 ton/24hrs to 8 ton/24hrs. Complete unit is compact and space-saving. World renowned brand components like Bitzer, Danfoss, Siemens and others ensure the quality and the good performance.

High Efficiency and Quality Makes System Stable to Run

Clients will enjoy absolute comfort brought by Focusun advanced technology, its professional team and considerate pre and after-sales service. We also provide one package service with a series of comprehensive ice-making solutions.