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The large capacity ice tube machine features a modular design which makes it easy to install, ship and operate. The whole unit consists of 3 parts:

Evaporator module: The evaporator and its accessories are installed on a steel frame which forms the evaporator module. When transporting, place the evaporator horizontally and stand it upright when installing.
Compressor module: Compressor, condenser, reservoir, liquid receiver, oil separator, and electric control box are installed on a steel frame to form the whole set.
Cooling tower module: Cooling tower, water pump and water pipes.

Standard power supply for the large capacity tube ice machine is 380V/3P/50Hz and it can be customized to meet different electrical requirements.

Large capacity tube ice machine technical parameters.
Model Capacity Refrigerant Electricty consumption Installed power Operating weight Dimension
-- Ton/D -- Kw Kw Kg mm
FIT-100 10 R22/R404A 34.95 45 Unit:1560 1800×1500×1600mm
Evaporator:2296 1180×1180×3500mm
Cooling tower:670 Φ2000×2410mm
FIT-150 15 R22/R404A 48.40 60 Unit:1890 2000×1800×1600mm
Evaporator:2685 1250×1250×4200mm
Cooling tower:670 Φ2175×2565mm
FIT-200 20 R22/R404A 68.50 85 Unit:2260 2200×2000×1800mm
Evaporator:3650 1350×1350×4600mm
Cooling tower:1120 Φ2175×2565mm
FIT-250 25 R22/R404A 85.30 105 Unit:2680 2400×2200×2000
Evaporator:4260 1450×1450×4800mm
Cooling tower:1300 Φ2650×2645mm
FIT-300 30 R22/R404A 105.00 130 Unit:3280 2800×2200×2000mm
Evaporator:4860 1450×1450×5200mm
Cooling tower:1630 Φ3050×2780mm
FIT-350 35 R22/R404A 116.00 140 Unit:3860 3500×2200×2000mm
Evaporator:5650 1500×1500×5500mm
Cooling tower:2730 Φ3770×3490mm
FIT-400 40 R22/R404A 139.60 170 Unit:4250 3600×2200×2000mm
Evaporator:5890 1500×1500×5800mm
Cooling tower:2730 Φ3770×3490mm
FIT-500 50 R22/R404A 177.00 220 Unit:4560 4300×2200×2000mm
Evaporaor:6500 1800×1800×6000mm
Cooling tower:3770 Φ3770×3690mm
Standard condition: Dry ball temperature is 33℃ and water inlet tempetature is 20℃.

Focusun Large Capacity Tube Ice Machine